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In the months since Williams’ arrest, Kamiyah has acknowledged the wrongfulness of what was done to her as a baby while also continuing to note that, even if she was raised by her abductor, she was raised in a loving and seemingly normal household.

“From that one mistake, I was given the best life. I was,” Kamiyah said last year. “I had everything I ever needed, wanted. I had love especially. I understand what she did was wrong, but just don’t lock her up and throw away the key like everything she did was just awful.”

Kamiyah, now 19, did not attend Friday’s sentencing but had asked for leniency for Williams, according to her attorney.

“Kamiyah is now processing what it means for the woman she’s known as mother to receive an 18-year prison sentence,” Justin Bamberg said, the Post Courier reports. “However, she understands Gloria had to be held accountable for her actions. She also understands that her biological parents have the absolute right to view today as a joyous day.”

Kamiyah’s mother, however, had asked at least for the maximum possible term of 22 years in prison. If she had her way, Shanara said, Williams would have been put to death.

In a statement, Williams’ attorney Diana Johnson said they had “hoped for” a lighter sentence but nonetheless “appreciate the time and attention Judge Aho took to fully consider this matter,” according to ABC News.

Johnson said Williams was also thankful for “everyone involved in her defense as well as all of the people who either wrote letters or appeared on her behalf.”

Kamiyah’s father, Craig Aiken, told reporters after the sentencing that, with it resolved, “We can continue on our journey of healing together as a family and support our daughter on her decision making.”

Kamiyah’s mother did not comment after court, according to news reports, though others of her biological relatives expressed their joy.

According to the Post Courier, Kamiyah still lives in Walterboro but spends time with her family in Jacksonville

After Friday’s hearing, her grandmother Velma Aiken reportedly said: “I can love my grandbaby as my own now.”



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Thus, even in a small number of animals, skeletal morphological abnormalities were observed that were linked to the heterozygous M-twist ΔbHLH genetic state.

Among cells that differentiate from the mesodermal sheet the sclerotome derivatives are the easiest to detect and to measure. We report a skeleton phenotype which is not fully penetrant, although significantly linked to the heterozygous state at the M-twist locus, mainly in C57/BL6 strains. In all the crosses performed we observed that a number of heterozygous animals in the progeny appeared with rounder heads than wild-types and with smaller bodies. The smaller size of some heterozygotes might mainly originate from nutritional problems, linked to their facial asymmetry. We focused on studies of the inheritance of the limb and linked cranial dismorphologies. No obvious defects in dermatome or myotome derivatives were observed, although these systems were not studied in detail.

The phenotypic abnormalities observed in structures that belong to the chondrocranium, the neurocranium, the viscerocranium and in the hindfoot are consistent with the fact that M-twist is normally expressed at a high rate in the primordia of these structures. Mesenchymal components join the mesodermal layer to form bones, cartilage and connective tissue in the head. Craniofacial development and cell fates are widely documented ( 23 , 29 31 ). Developmental and molecular studies of limb formation have also been reported (refs 32 34 and references therein). Other structures expressing M-twist at rather high levels are not obviously modified in the mutants: no gross defects or delays in tooth formation nor any eyelid problems nor any forelimb abnormalities were observed in mice. However, a specific study of these structures would be required, possibly in different genetic backgrounds, to confirm this: we observed some unusual molar morphology, but no real studies have been done on these structures. As tooth formation is a well-studied model, it was of interest to notice that during odontogenesis M-twist transcripts were located within mesenchymal cells that originate from the neural cephalic crests and that they are restricted to specific regions of the pulp prior to differentiation of the odontoblasts: this specific localization illustrates regionalization of the peridental mesenchyme from which odontoblasts originate.

A number of genes (i.e. FGF, FGFR and Hox genes) have been shown to be implicated in limb formation and patterning (for reviews see refs 34 , 35 ).

The duplicated hallux of heterozygous twist -null mice (resulting in the formula 1*12345, where 1* is attached to the metatarsal 1 bone, as the hallux) might be interpreted as a partial reversed polarity in the hindlimb bud. Diverse cases of progressive addition of digits in the limb buds have been reported, either as a consequence of ZPA or retinoic acid (RA) bead grafting experiments ( 36 ). In the chick low dose RA leads to an additional digit two and/or three, while a high dose leads to patterns with additional digits ( 37 , 38 ). The phenotype that we observe in twist-null heterozygous mice might resemble that of the low dose RA-induced phenotype.

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